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Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - The Game
Lara Croft has become a worldwide phenomenon since her debut in 1996. She is the first female to star in her own action game series, which comprises the original Tomb Raider, along with Tomb Raider II, Tomb Raider III: The Adventures of Lara Croft and the recent Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation.
With total sales reaching twenty one million units, the games have each topped the PlayStation and PC game best-seller lists and revolutionized gaming with groundbreaking perspectives and motion control techniques.
"All of us working on the film have tremendous respect for the game," says director Simon West. "In fact, we have a very successful relationship with the game creators and have worked hand-in-hand with them. But what I would say to the game players is, this is not a film version of the game, it will be a movie experience."
Assertive, resourceful and independent. Lara is the first virtual celebrity to hold her own in a world of flesh and blood, non-virtual stars. She has appeared on more than two hundred magazine covers around the globe, was featured in a major Time magazine story (December 1999) and has graced the pages of Newsweek, Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly's "It" issue, feting the hundred most creative people in entertainment.
In addition, Details magazine heralded Lara as one of the "Sexiest Women of the Year" (the only virtual celebrity so chosen) and The Times of London recently devoted a special sixteen page supplement to her. Time Digital included Lara on a list of the fifty cyber-elite in America, ranking her among Bill Gates, Andy Grove, Steve Jobs and George Lucas.
Lara is the subject of more than a thousand internet fan sites, each created independently of Eidos; and her merchandise includes eleven different action figures, t-shirts, candy bars and a monthly comic book. Total game sales and related merchandise have generated $500 million in sales. Her success has inspired the world famous Elite model agency to devote an entire division to developing virtual models, and other companies are now following suit.

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